TESOLFR references

Marissa Consantinidis’s interview with Ken Wilson on ELTchat

RiCHARD DAY Bringing Extensive Reading to the Classroom

PAUL NATION Developing fluency in reading

Catherine Walters on Reading in a Second Language, llac Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

International Language testing Association

Common European Framework of Reference – annex D ALTE Can do statements

Not digital natives and immigrants, but rather Visitors and Residents

Free 5 week online course entirely run by volunteers- last year’s call for  EVO Call for Participation

this year’s workshops will be slightly different – I’ll update this link asap !(or leave a message if you’d like to be informed directly)



  November 2010

Mitch Benn on the “relation fraternelle

The Now Show on YouTube

C.P. Snow’s two cultures

Sokal,  Bricmont and the science wars

Next slide please – poem by Roald Hoffmann

Rapid overview of why it is essential to FOCUS on learning words !

Using the concordancer on www.elang.eu

Click here for the Concordancer

Click here for the Concordancer


Exercises for Minimum Comp Vocabulary

Sentences found by students

The Compleat Lexical Tutor’s Vocabulary profile – enter your own text (an article you are going to study) as a .txt file and the Vocabulary profile transforms it into a text like this

Compleat lexical Tutor Vocabulary Profile

Where the blue words are among the first 1000, the green words among the second 1000 and the yellow words are in the Academic word list, and the red words outside these three lists.

On top of which it actually gives you the list of each group

academic word list

and tells you which are non-cognates for French speakers (Tom Cobb is Canadian)

Compleat lex tutor non-cognates

And of course there is Quizlet where a search for MCSEwords gives the growing number of Minimum Competence words available to play with.

And we hope there will be more videos soon on the you tube channel elanggrenoble

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